Editors and Journalists:

If you’re looking for a nutrition expert to write an article or provide a quote, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I have been featured as a nutrition source and expert in a variety of media outlets, including:

Print & Web

we can cook cookbook Blogtownmom (September 24, 2011) “We can Cook? I Don’t Know. Can We?”
vitamin supplements El Paso Times (September 12, 2011) “Vitamin supplements have become a $4.8 billion question”
cooking with kids Joy of Kosher (September 2, 2011) “Get Cooking with Your Kids”
we can cook book review The Kid Can Cook (August 23, 2011) “We Can Cook”
 we can cook book review The Lunch Tray (August 22, 2011) “Book Review Monday: We Can Cook”
 we can cook book Tiny Green Mom (August 19, 2011) “In Mom’s Kitchen: We Can Cook”
 oldways mediterranean diet The Oldways Table (August 18, 2011) “‘Nutritious Food, Delicious Life’ — We Will Eat To That!”
 macaroni kid NYC downtown Macaroni Kid NYC Downtown (August 11, 2011) “Family Fun in the Kitchen with ‘We Can Cook'”
we can cook A Time Out For Mommy (August 5, 2011) “We Can Cook Book Review and Giveaway!”
 momtrends MomTrends (August 5, 2011) “We Can Cook: Introducing Your Child To The Joys Of Cooking”
The Zied Guide (July 30, 2011) “We Can Cook: Grilled Plums with Yogurt Dip”
super foods for moms Social Moms (May 28, 2011) “Super Foods Every Mom Should Know”
processed food Everyday Health (May 2011) “Understanding Processed Foods”
cooking vegetables Everyday Health (April 2011) “Cooking Nutrient-Rich Vegetables”
eating healthy breakfast Everyday Health (April 2011) “Eating in the Morning”
spring clean your kitchen Joy of Kosher (March 2011) “Spring Clean Your Kitchen”
february heart month Shine Yahoo! (February 2011) “February is not just about your valentine, ladies”
nutrition for beauty (February 2011) “Foodie Beauty”
diet detective charles stuart platkin (February 17, 2011) “Your Nutrition and Fitness Questions Answered”
stocking a healthy pantry Woman’s Day/Eating Light (January 2011) “Stock a Healthy Pantry” (Slide 9) (January 2011) “What’s your excuse for avoiding exercise?”
new years weight loss Everyday Health (December 2010) “New Year, New You: How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off”
preparing for blizzard Everyday Health (December 2010) “Blizzard Preparedness: A Guide to Healthy Eating in Extreme Winter Storms”
foods to help seasonal affective disorder (November 2010) “How to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder” (page 5)
California Strawberries Healthy Eating Tips For The Family
100 calorie savings Glamour Magazine (October 2010) “Weight-Loss Tips: 10 Ways to Cut at Least 100 Calories a Day”
(Slides 2, 5, 6, & 7)
healthy snacking Woman’s Day (September 29, 2010) “Snack Smart: Fruit and Cheese”
healthy breakfast and snacks for school Joy of Kosher (September 2010) “School Daze: Nutritious and Delicious Breakfast and After School Snacks”
spring foods Everyday Health (September 2010) “Foods That Are Scrumptious in Spring”
calcium in diet (August 2010) “In Search of Calcium: A conversation with Jessica Levinson, MS, RD, CDN”
choosing healthy sweeteners Woman’s Day (July 2010) “Daily Dose: Choose Your Sweetener”
summer grilling tips Everyday Health (May 2010) “Summer Grilling: Keep the Taste In and the Calories Out”
pantry raid: 11 healthy food swaps Fitness Magazine (April 2010) “Pantry Raid: 11 Healthy Food Swaps”
4 ways to reduce sodium Indy Star (January 21, 2010) “4 Ways to Reduce Sodium For Healthier Eating”
ladies' night out Quality Health (December 31, 2009) “Ladies’ Night Out: Don’t Let it Wreck Your Diet ”
superkids nutrition SuperKids Nutrition (December 2009) “Get Seasonal in Your Kitchen”
today's dietitian Today’s Diet & Nutrition (November 2009) “Proposed Beverage Tax Stirs Mixed Reactions”
catherine Parade Magazine (September 2008) “Catherine Zeta Jones: How I Stay Healthy All Day!”
eathis Life & Style (June 2008) “The guilt-free junk food diet” [Download PDF Article]
emotional Today’s Diet & Nutrition (November 2007) “On An Emotional Roller Coaster”
nutrition Today’s Diet & Nutrition (May/June 2007) “Nutrition and Beauty: Nourish Your Looks” [Download PDF Article]

Nutrition and Beauty


ny1 NY1 (July 19, 2011) “My Body, My Self: Study Shows Eating Disorders Impact 500,000 Teens, Mostly Girls”
NY Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough WNBC NY Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough (January 31, 2011) “What You Should Be Eating”
ny1 NY1 (January 31, 2011) “Feds Tell Americans to Cut the Salt”
New Year's Resolutions Fox 5 Good Day Street Talk (January 1, 2011) “Healthy Eating For the New Year” (starts at 16:50)
Healthy Summer Grilling Fox 5 Good Day Street Talk (July 3, 2010) “Healthy, nutritioulicious™ Grilling for July 4th” (4th segment)
Sodium comparison in food WBAL-TV/NBC (April 2010) “Which Has More Sodium?”
Holiday party dos and don'ts WBAL-TV/NBC (November 2009) “Holiday Party Dos and Don’ts”

I have also contributed to the following publications:

“The Secret to Skinny: How Salt Makes You Fat, and the 4-Week Plan to Drop a Size and Get Healthier with Simple Low-Sodium Swaps” by Lyssie Lakatos RD and Tammy Lakatos Shames RD

“Strong, Slim, and 30: Eat Right, Stay Young, Feel Great, and Look Fabulous!” by Lisa Drayer MA, RD

One response to “Media

  1. I am just curious how you were contacted by these media as a nutrition source? i’m just a beginner (with ~2 years work experience) but would like to branch out on my own. I always love hearing how others got started or got their name out them! Any tips to share would be wonderful!

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