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Diet Book for Kids

The title of my post may have you thinking that this is a review of a diet book for kids or that I am advocating this genre of books. I assure you that is the opposite of what this is about. I rarely get into controversial topics on my blog, but I couldn’t let this one go by without expressing my opinion.

Earlier today on Twitter I saw a retweeted post by a couple of tweeps I follow who advocate for positive body image. The post was about an article on The Women’s Blog of the Guardian website, “A diet book for six-year-old girls: the worst idea ever?” Before I even read the article I agreed with my fellow tweeps that a diet book for kids is terrible. Then I clicked through and read the article and was even more appalled.

According to the blog post, the forthcoming book, “Maggie Goes On a Diet” by Paul A. Kramer is aimed at six to twelve year old girls — the perfect age for girls to develop eating disorders, which will no doubt be further exacerbated by books like this. The book is about a teenage girl who “is transformed from being overweight and insecure to a normal-sized teen who becomes the school soccer star.”

maggie goes on a diet

I have so many problems with this that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, the cover of the book shows the young “overweight” girl holding up a party dress in a mirror, and the reflection back at her is a skinnier version of herself. No wonder we have a society filled with women with body dysmorphic disorder. Second, the fact that the blurb about the book says that the girl goes from being “overweight and insecure” to “normal-sized” and the “school soccer star” implies that to be a star you have to be a so-called “normal” size — whatever that is. That’s some way to build confidence in pre-pubescent girls who will be going through size changes any day.

I can only imagine the kind of parents who would buy this book for their daughters, and I would hope that they seek out some help and think twice before doing so.

What do you think about this book? Please share your opinions! 

Back to School Healthy Eating Guide (For Kids)

healthy school lunchDepending on where you live, your kids may have gone back to school a couple of weeks ago or they may be heading back in the next few weeks. Either way, now is the time to prep for the hassles that come with back to school time. What your kids eat before, during, and after school is very important for their performance in school, after-school activities, and their overall health.

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What are your kids favorite school day breakfasts, snacks, and lunches?