The Versatility of Greek Yogurt

I think most of you know by now that I am a big fan of Greek yogurt — it’s a good source of calcium and protein, and it’s lower in sugar than other types of yogurt (especially when you stick to the original). One of the other things I love about Greek yogurt, is it’s versatility. Yogurt isn’t just for breakfast or snacks anymore. I use it to add creaminess to soups, as a dip for fruit, and to make cakes. What’s pretty amazing about it, is that you can even use it as a replacement for sour cream, a condiment that is high in calories and fat, especially saturated fat, and low in calcium and protein. Just last week my husband was raving about how great Greek yogurt was to top potato latkes (pancakes) on Hanukkah. He couldn’t believe how similar it was to sour cream, and he wants the word spread about just how good it is!

So in his honor, tomorrow I will share with you a great recipe that is traditionally made with sour cream but is recreated using Greek yogurt.

Have you ever used Greek yogurt in place of other ingredients?


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