Using Summer Squash

Yesterday I told you about the different types of summer squash and their nutritional benefits. Whether or not you have made summer squash before, I wanted to share some different ways to cook with it and use it:

  • Grill it. Toss sliced squash with olive oil, salt, and pepper and grill until cooked and browned on both sides. Below is a picture of some summer squash I grilled for dinner one night.
  • Grilled Summer Squash

    Grilled Summer Squash

  • Sauté it. Heat vegetable oil in a shallow pan over a medium-hot flame. Once the oil is hot, add sliced squash and let cook for a couple of minutes. Using a spatula, move the squash around the pan and continue cooking until cooked through and browned on both sides. Below is a picture of yellow squash, onions, green beans, and kale being sauteéd together.
  • Sauteéd squash, onions, string beans, and kale

    Sauteéd squash, onions, string beans, and kale

  • Add summer squash to a stew. I like to add zucchini to ratatouille with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and chicken.
  • Make zucchini bread or muffins.
  • Make summer squash soup. Much lighter than winter squash soup, and if served chilled it is perfect for the hot days of summer.

How do you enjoy summer squash?

4 responses to “Using Summer Squash

  1. Yes, this is the perfect post for me! We have a garden FULL of summer squash (Actually winter squash….but very similar). I have been steaming mine, but using it in bread and/or muffins is something I had not thought of!

    • nutritioulicious

      Thanks for reading! hope that you get some inspiration – there is so much to do w/ squash! For winter squash i have some other recipes, and I’ll be posting another one soon. Winter squash holds up better to roasting. Enjoy it all – your squash looked great!

  2. I like summer squash but I like winter squash better! As a matter of fact, I eat spaghetti squash every single day… and butternut squash&/or pumpkin ALMOST every single day! I always feel so incredibly healthy! I cannot wait until the fall when it’s winter squash’s peak season – although they are available year round! 🙂

    • nutritioulicious

      That’s great you get so much winter squash into your diet! I actually have a couple of recipes using winter squash coming up soon!

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