Healthy Grilling Segment

July 4th weekend may be over, but there’s plenty of time left for grilling this summer. For some healthy grilling tips and recipe ideas, take a look at the segment I did for Fox 5 Good Day NY Street Talk:

Healthy Summer Grilling

(It’s the 4th segment of the show!)

What are your favorite foods to grill in the summer?

5 responses to “Healthy Grilling Segment

  1. I have great recipes for kids,at 57 I still feel like a kid ,summer time best snacks are vege. This evening I made broccoli,onoin,chick peas,contact me I’dl give you the recipe

  2. nutrition to kitchen

    You’re doing great things Jessica! Loved the segment! 🙂

  3. Nice segment! Well-done. I love to see Dietitians being featured. Enjoyed your healthy grilling ideas. Like your blog as well.

    : )
    Fellow Dietitian from LA,
    Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD

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