Healthy Holiday Gifts

It’s holiday season, and you know what that means…holiday parties, gift baskets filled with tempting treats, and lots of presents. Instead of giving friends, family, and colleagues boxes of chocolate and other mouth-watering goodies that may not be so good for their waistlines, give them something nutritioulicious™ and health-oriented instead. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas:

  • Fruit baskets. You can find some at Harry & David, The Fruit Company, and many more places — search online and you’ll find lots of options. Edible Arrangements also has lots of fun fruit gifts, which make great centerpieces on any holiday table.
  • Food inspired clothing. Check out these great shirts, aprons, onesies, totes, and more from Each one has a fruit or vegetable with a catchy, cute saying. I love the leek in warrior II pose and the “no sugar added” cherries!
  • Magazine subscriptions. Whether your friends or loved ones like to cook, love wine, or love reading about healthy living, there are wonderful food and wine related magazines you can send as gift subscriptions. Some of my favorites are Everyday Food, Cooking Light, Food & Wine, Wine Enthusiast, Prevention, and Real Simple.
  • Healthy placemats. Looking for something fun for the kids? Check out these cool plates and placemats. Stick to the healthy ones, like “Mia loves broccoli” or “Jaden loves soccer” (personalized of course!). Your kids will love them!

Do you have a healthy holiday gift you like to give?

Note: I am not a spokesperson, nor do I consult or work for any of these companies or products.

11 responses to “Healthy Holiday Gifts

  1. I love Harry and Davids. These are good choices. Hope you are well. 🙂

  2. Love the plates and placemats idea. Get the kids to set the table.

    And we have been really impressed with Edible Arrangements. They have very high quality fruit and dark chocolate.

  3. I’m a big Harry and David’s fan, too. But love the magazine subscription idea.

  4. Forgot to mention the magazine I really like — Cook’s Illustrated. It always explains so well how to prepare a recipe and it has lots of good info about equipment and ingredients, too. And no advertising!

  5. Wonderful ideas Jessica! I love anything from Harry and David!

  6. This is a wonderful idea, and I love the list you compiled!

    Since I’m big into fitness, I always ask for fitness related items – workout DVDs, weights, etc. While it’s not necessarily nutrition items, it supports an overall healthy lifestyle.

    This year I got my sister-in-law a subscription to SHAPE magazine. She’s been working on losing her baby weight, so I’m excited to give her the fitness articles AND healthy recipes.

    • nutritioulicious

      Fitness related gifts are just as great – it’s all about a healthy lifestyle! What a sweet gift for your sister in law!!

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